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A Garland of Quotes

A Garland of Quotes

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«l’Ching, the Book of Changes», has for generations been a guide to understand llfe. In this book each of the 64 hexagrams of the «l’Ching», are described with three short poems in the haiku traditlon. The hexagrams can be seen as archetypes of the nature of the human being, and four quotations have been selected from different times and places to illustrate each of them. May this collection of quotes awaken your interest for this treasure of wisdom from China. The life of Terje Eugen Holthe has been a journey and an exploration. On his search for meaning he has had manv occupations, from beekeeper to gardener, though originally he was educated as a civil engineer. Through the years an ecological perspective of life developed which eventually led him to Feng Shui, the Chinese way of harmony, and later on to Human Design.

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ISBN 978-82-93371-35-9
Språk Norsk
Antall sider 160
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Utgitt 2020 4 utgave


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