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Treasures of the Vatican collections

Treasures of the Vatican collections

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Bok informasjon

Ny eller brukt En bok fra Primstaven Antikvarat
ISBN 0-452-25393-4
Artikkelnummer Artikkelnr S12
Språk Engelsk
Antall sider 191
Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 1983
Bokens tilstand Meget pent eksemplar - som ny


“For the first time, and with the enthusiastic support of Pope John Paul II, the Vatican Museums are sending some of their finest works of art to the U.S. This historic exhibition will draw millions of visitors to New York’s Metropolitan Museum, Chicago’s Art Institute and San Francisco’s Fine Arts Museum. Written and illustrated with the cooperation of the Vatican Museums, Treasures of the Vatican Collections depicts and describes many of the works coming to the U.S. But it also shows and tells about many other equally great – and sometimes even greater – works of art that had to remain behind in the atican Museums, which attract a million and a half visitors every year(….) The lively text and numerous illustrations of Treasures of the Vatican Collections provide an ideal guided tour of the Vatican Museums.


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